Help us change the fate of battery cage hens

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An increasing number of companies have decided to gradually withdraw cage eggs from use. It is an important step forward towards a brighter future of laying hens all over the world.

Maspex is one of the biggest food companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe. It owns brands such as Kubuś, Tymbark, Lubella, Malma, Tiger Energy Drink, Capri, Łowicz, Krakus, Włocławek, Fruktus, Plusssz, Cremona, Ekoland, Puchatek, DecoMorreno and Dr Witt.

Maspex has already become a leader of the Central and Eastern European food industry. It’s about time they showed that they can also be a leader of animal welfare.

 Recently, there has been a global tendency for many responsible companies to introduce new policies aimed at ending the suffering of hens cramped in battery cages. Sadly, Maspex is not one of them as it still remains indifferent to both the well-being of animals, and its customers’ voice.

 So far, consumer pressure has forced Maspex to issue an official declaration in which the company agreed to stop using caged eggs in products sold under one of their brands. This, however, leaves room for further use of caged eggs in all its remaining products.

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