Equal Rights For All My Days

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Addressed to the management team in JYPE:

This is an open letter full of disappointment and anger, from My Days around the world.

With the release DAY6 Official Fan Club "My Day" 1st Recruitment notice, the My Day community would like to express our open rejection of your classification of Membership Types: My Day Morning and My Day Evening.
This petition is in response to your company's public display of segregation of fans, especially in participation of the idol's activities, based upon racism and economic benefit. The main reason for our displeasure is in fear of how your actions as DAY6's management company will negatively tarnish the band's reputation on a global scale, by making them more inaccessible to a majority of their fanbases, as well as a wider international audience.

Over the course of 2017, international My Days have shown countless of times just how far we would go to express our love and support for DAY6. This translates to spending hundreds to thousands more dollars than My Days living in Korea to fly into the country, attending concerts, fansign events, music show promotional activities, among others. Note that while spending the extra time and money to travel to and fro Korea to attend DAY6’s frequent events throughout the year, My Days also have to balance their individual commitments and personal lives. The sacrifices made in exchange for the chance to express how much DAY6 means to us are countless, and for your management team to disregard all of our hard work and forcefully removing our opportunities to cheer for them is, as a matter of fact, a statement of your blatant inadequacies you carry as a promotional team.

Your attempt to find a reason for the segregation of this community is disgusting. As a fandom that encompasses an astonishing number of fans from abroad, and yet still manage to have extremely close relations with local Korean fans, your actions are attempting to challenge the harmony and sense of community in the My Day family. The only difference between what you label as “My Day Morning” and “My Day Evening” is geographical, a barrier that is, and already has been, easily crossed. Even within DAY6, there are members who hold nationalities from different countries, members who speak in different languages, members who grew up in different cultures. Do you, as a representative of DAY6’s identity, think it is right and just to show displays of such pure racism? Is that the message you are trying to put across? Is this notice an adequate expression of how you choose to manage a group of such diversity, by outrightly segregating their supporters on the basis of mere location?

As a community of My Days, we are not asking for privilege, or benefits. We are asking for equality. Your actions have a direct impact on the opportunities we have, and how we can act and react as My Days, and we hope that the chances we have remain the same regardless of our uncontrollable circumstances. Please understand that despite our anger and disappointment, we hope that you reflect upon your words as the corporation in charge of DAY6. Even from a purely economically beneficial perspective, do not forget that as a promotional and management team, it is your key responsibility to meet the needs of your consumers, in this case, My Days. Do not underestimate our ability as a community, for we will not hesitate to turn against your policies if you choose to betray the trust we have in you, and the trust we have in how you manage the artists who we support and adore.

Who are My Days? 
My Days is the fandom name given to all fans of the JYP band DAY6, originally named regardless of our backgrounds or nationalities.

Who is Day6?
A South Korean band who just finished their Every Day6 Project in 2017, releasing two songs per month and three in December. Their two full albums, Sunrise and Moonrise, were released in just one year. Alongside these albums, they have also previously released two mini albums, Daydream and The Day. They have showcased their musicality through covers performed at their monthly concerts and overseas promotions with their use of live instruments and wide vocal range.

Goal: Our goal is to abolish the new division placed between Korean and International My Days and ensure equal entrance and rights for all fans of DAY6, no matter where we're from. We wish to continue supporting DAY6 as we have in the past and help them grow in every aspect possible, while reflecting the same love and acceptance they express in their music, with no boundaries or judgement. Help us take a stand and make a difference once and for all, and guarantee our rights to support the ones we love no matter what. Some things are just worth fighting for. Sign our petition today.

Twitter Hashtag: #EqualRightsForAllMyDays
Please also feel free to email JYPE the link to this petition along with your concerns @ fan@jype.com

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