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Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Of GOT7

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GOT7 is a South Korean group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2014. They are one of the most talented, humble, respectful and intelligent people. There are both pros and cons of becoming a part of entertainment industry. Like any other KPOP groups, GOT7 had their own pros and cons as well. Ever since their debut, they had to go through a lot of criticism and hate. Of course, they also gained a lot of loving fans from all around the world. The unconditional love and support between GOT7 and IGOT7 has always been a source of strength to each other. But lately things have gotten out of hand. The haters of GOT7 have shaken our beautiful world upside down. Each day there are new haters trying to bring them down. They are all over social accounts calling them names, trying to destroy their reputation with fake rumors. It breaks my heart to say this but sometimes they even bring up the members as a scapegoat to justify someone else mistakes. Social accounts are a platform to share love through common interests but for some people, it has been the opposite. They are using it as a medium to spread hate and negativity. Such actions should not be tolerated by anyone. Idols are humans too and they have equal right to be protected and to be happy. Yes, we can always ignore such people but if their comments are affecting the members’ day to day lives, it should not be ignored anymore. Let's talk about the recent incident with Jackson Wang as an example. He is one of the member of GOT7 and as I know, the most humble and beautiful person to exist. He was recently a victim of internet trolls. They went to his Social account and spread hate everyday. They even attacked his family by calling them names. When he was on Vlive recently, there were so many people asking him to leave the group that he was traumatized to read comments on future broadcasts. He has addressed it several times that he is not leaving GOT7 yet people are always asking him to leave. There are also people who call themself a GOT6 fan and try to bring Jackson down. This is just an example of what members go through on daily basis. Even the members have addressed it openly and have admit it has affected them emotionally in the past. As a fan we can try to console them with love but our hands are tight when it comes to take a legal action. But their company is capable of doing it. Few months ago, JYPE released a statement saying they will provide legal protection to their artist who are a victim of defamation, slander etc. They asked the artist fans to send the report and proof of such incident. As stated we (IGOT7) have sent numerous reports everyday but there has been zero responses from the company’s end. All we've got in a return is a silence. Even the internet trolls are laughing about it saying they don't fear JYPE because they never take any legal action. I think it's time for their company to step up their game and bring their rules into action. It's about time to set an example that one cannot just attack innocent people and get away with it. It's about time to protect these artist, who are human beings just like us. It's about time to join hands and end this negativity.

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