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Put more government funds towards child and adolescent mental health services

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Mental health in young people is a problem that is ignored and swept to the side, often branded as teenage angst and nothing more. Some suffering from mental health issues wear a mask of happiness wherever they go, a facade to stop people from finding out. However, some become withdrawn, showing rapid changes in their behaviour and have frequent mood swings.

The budget for child and adolescent mental health in the UK was cut by a staggering £50 million in 2015. In 2016, it was found that many local NHS areas are spending less than £10 a head on the mental health of children and adolescent in their area. This sends a message to those with mental health issues that to the government, they are unimportant.

Many teenagers experience stress and anxiety due to the busy exam season and the pressure put upon them to achieve. This can lead to forms of mental health issues occurring. Without the proper treatment from trained professionals, these issues can develop and become much more severe. In order to solve the problem before it has time to take hold, it's pivotal we have the appropriate services to help do so. At a time in their lives when they are feeling their lowest, they need to know they are needed and that people care.

Having a better mental health service is critical to making sure every teenager has the best quality of life moving forward. Those with good mental health are more likely to fulfil their potential and take on adult responsibilities. We need your help to make sure an entire generation of teenagers don't suffer in silence.

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