We vow not to travel to the US until every child is returned to every mother.

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In the US, children are being taken from their families, as punishment and a deterrent to people fleeing danger. While there is a need to process and detain anyone illegally crossing the border, this is beyond cruel and atrocious, and must be stopped. 

We as Canadians know that we were all travelers, immigrants and refugees. Its merely an accident of birth that it's not us in their place, looking for safety with our children. 

We as Canadians don't have a vote in US elections, but we can vote with our time, our money and our presence. This petition asks of the signatories to abstain from travel to the US until the children taken away by the authorities are returned to their families. What we ask of the leaders of our nation, is to bring our voices to your counterparts in the US.

Let them know this is too far and we won't stand by and wait.  This is too ugly to allow in our world, let alone our next door neighbors who are supposed to be better than this.

Please say something. Do something. Sign and share.