Violence Against Women

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Dear petition signatories,
I kindly ask you to join me to bring to the attention of Mr. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada the cyber violence committing against women through social media.  in a recent video that he released via social media boastfully discloses raping women repeatedly while he was a soldier in Eritrea. In a contemptful and hateful manner he gives also away several names of women whom he admits enjoyed raping, impregnating and hurting. He also mentioned that some of the sexual assaults resulted to deaths. He says the women he abused and raped belong to a specific ethnic and religious group, the Christian Tigrinya. using social media to spread hate and division among Eritrean Canadians. He also poses in a picture hold a knife and threatens to kills.
It is very worrying and disappointing that an Eritrean refugee in Canada who has probably claimed protection for being subjected to human right abuse in Eritrea is openly admitting that he was part of the chain of abuse of women in Eritrean military.
misogynistic speech is also harmful to many Eritrean women living in Canada who had been subjected to sexual abuses and violence as recruits in the military and national service. In Eritrea where militarism is idolized as heroism, women who undergo these horrendous abuses while in the military cannot bring the perpetrators to justice. Many women live with these scars in their minds and body. Sexual abuse of women in the national service is well documented both in academic publications and UN HRC reports. The Commission of Enquire appointed by HRC (301) reports that ”Women are at a disproportionate risk of discrimination and violence within the military/national service and in the army and are targeted for sexual abuse on account of their gender.” It is this situation that admitted that he has been part of when he was in the military.
Therefore, we must take such belligerent act of cyber violence seriously and report this grave admission of rape to the government of Canada and make the perpetrators face justice.