STOP torturing and boiling pigs alive in slaughterhouses

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Animals are being stabbed, beaten, gutted, dragged, hung with hooks, boiled and drowned while they are still breathing. This kind of treatment would be deemed inhumane, yet we let it constantly happen to animals. 
These animals do not deserve to suffer and die a slow and painful death.

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It is crucial that we spread awareness, not just to shed light on the treatment of animals at slaughter houses but also to other forms of animal cruelty. The more people are aware, the more we can all work towards bringing an end to these tortuous acts. There should be regular inspections done in slaughterhouses, and laws that allow these animals to be slaughtered humanely. There should also be serious penalties for this type of animal cruelty. If any animal is to be killed in a slaughterhouse, the least that can be done is to not torture it. Any and all animals are real living beings just like us that feels pain and emotion as well.

Personal story
I watched a video of pigs being tortured and kicked and dragged and boiled alive as they are screaming in pain. The video has not gone viral because people want to avoid the subject, as it is also difficult to watch. That made me realize that there is not enough care or awareness for this issue. I want everyone to be aware of what these pigs have to go through in a slaughterhouse just so people can eat their bacon.