Stop polar bear trophy hunting in Canada before they go extinct

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Over 60% of all polar bears live in Canada. Its crucial that Canada helps protects this endangered species since its mainly found in its mainland. However, climate change oil and gas exploitation as well as legal hunting of polar bears have meant this species is rapidly declining in size and losing its habitat with a all time low 75% female survival rate down from 95% in 2005. The hunting of polar bears should be illegal but instead trophy hunters from America, where the hunting of polar bears is illegal, pay anything between $1000 to $24000 to hunt a polar bear and can sell their hides for $11000 at auction in Canada. The hunting of polar bears for hide and fur remains legal in Canada and no one is holding this country accountable for the extinction of these creatures! Let's help save the polar bear by making sure its cubs and females survive long enough to make it into adulthood and to successfully reproduce that way increasing the population of polar bears.