Stop horse slaughter in Canada

Stop horse slaughter in Canada

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This is HOPE she represents what we do here at Briggy Bum Farm Equine Rescue. She inspired me to move forward and save horses that needed a GREAT HOME. A FOREVER HOME.

Please visit and like our page to see photos of BUB our last rescue from the United States. Bub was raised in Canada and sold to a family in the United States, he was found on a save groups page last month.  The go fund me page raised over $2,200.00 to save BUB and get him out of the kill Pen. That means people care. People like you. 

Horses everyday are sent to slaughter to enter the food chain in other countries. 

Food testing in some of those countries are found to have Horse DNA in them. That means that you could have eaten horse meat tainted with medications. 

Horses have assisted us historically  in farming, therapy groups, rehabilitation of people with PTSD, inmates in jails. They are beautiful animals that we ask to trust us to help us then they find themselves in the pipeline for meat.  

Horses are given drugs which make the meat toxic for human consumption. 

Horses are not a livestock, they are animals that we raise to become part of our lives. 

Help us stop the horse slaughter in Canada. We do not eat or dogs, our cats, and they are as intelligent, mindful and need to be given respect. 

Sign the Petition so that we can stop the slaughter, lets hear your voice saying it is not okay to eat horse meat.