Ryding Regency Meat Packers is the most violent place in Toronto

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Ryding Regency Meat Packers is the most violent place in Toronto

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End the systematic abhorrent cruelty inflicted on innocent cows.

*Includes testimony received from worker at Ryding Regency.

Ryding-Regency Meat Packers Ltd.,  is the third largest federally inspected ‘beef processing’ plant in Ontario. It is a kosher and halal facility, meaning that due to religious beliefs, the animals are not stunned prior to having their throats slit.
Up to 340 innocent animals are killed every day.
Animals are forced through a chute three feet wide to the kill floor. They can’t turn around. Some rear back on their legs and fall on their back. Electric prods are used to ensure the cows move forward.
Some cows will lay down, anywhere in the pen or on the ramp in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable. It can take 10 to 15 minutes to move them.
Animals are shackled by their left leg. Every animal kicks desperately in the air, struggling for freedom.
A rabbi cuts the esophagus of the cows. The rabbi cuts throats from ear to ear with a very sharp blade using a sawing motion. It takes two or three cuts in about two seconds. The windpipe breaks so the cows can’t breathe. [Note all slaughter—whether religious or not—is horrific and similar in kind and we mention the above to note some differences in degrees, but not kind. Watch the Earthlings documentary to see a scene of this unconscionable suffering inflicted on cows right after their throats are cut.]
Contrary to CFIA regulations, sometimes rabbis grab the esophagus of cows to ensure blood doesn’t go back into the body.
Cows are hung upside down as the blood wouldn't come out properly if the they were upright  and the animal has to be alive during this torture so the heart is pumping the blood out.
It can take 4 or 5 minutes for the animals to die.
The cows are in severe distress. They scream; a low pitch, bass sound. It’s constant, unrelenting.
After their throats are slit and they are dropped two feet onto a concrete floor, 1,200 pound animals, heads smashing on concrete often whilst still alive.
The cows are then scalped, the hide is skinned off their heads.
Due to the fast pace, the first ten cows in line when the kill floor opens at 7 am (or whenever operation recommences after a break), are not yet dead and are scalped while still fully conscious.
Dairy cows face an extra cruelty.  Many become “downers” in barn. The cobblestone flooring is very slippery. The dairy cows have problems walking around. The Holstein’s back legs spread (get splayed) .
Occasionally heavily pregnant dairy cows give birth at the slaughterhouse. The calves are separated right away and sent back to the farms.
Heavily pregnant cows are seen on daily bases, the purplish birth sack evident with their stomachs sticking out. 60-70% of the mother "dairy" cows are pregnant when sent to slaughter at Ryding Regency!
As a “joke,” some slaughterhouse workers shock new guys by opening the birth sack and calves falls out.
There are 50 dairy cows a day out of the 300 cows killed a day.
Ryding-Regency kill floor was recently renovated for which they received government loans/subsidy from the former Harper government’s “Slaughterhouse Improvement Program”. It cost $2 million dollars to re-do kill floor. Your tax dollars are paying for this cruelty.

Ryding-Regency truly is the most violent place in Toronto. We call on those petitioned above to:


STOP skinning conscious cows
STOP murdering pregnant mother cows
STOP killing male calves at between 1 and 24 weeks.
STOP killing over 65,000 adult cows annually (as well as 4000 veal calves and 4000 lambs). 3.7 million cows are killed each year in Canada. Over 292 million cows and calves are killed globally every year.
STOP repeatedly breaking Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations at Ryding-Regency Meat Packers slaughterhouse.
STOP subjecting innocent animals to abhorrent cruelty.
STOP using taxpayer dollars to subsidize these atrocities. In 2011 alone farmer subsidies by the Canadian government totaled $6.9 billion, with the main benefit being dairy producers.

You don't have to wait for the Government to intervene. You can stop these atrocities now by voting with your wallet and BOYCOTTING the animal agriculture industry. STOP supporting this cruelty. Help shut down the most violent places on the planet!

If you eat cows, you can help by no longer paying for animals to be killed in their infancy: Veal calves are killed at 1-24 weeks, beef cows are killed at 18 months and mother “dairy” cows are killed at around 4 years. Average life expectancy of a cow is 15-20 years.
Cows are individuals with personalities. Devoted mother cows bellow frantically for their calves who are snatched away. They mourn their loss for weeks.
Switch to a whole foods plant based diet and live cruelty free! Save the animals, the planet and your health. Go to www.veg.ca to take the veggie challenge and for more information.
If you live in Toronto, join us for our weekly vigils, Tuesday mornings 9-11 am at Ryding-Regency Meat Packers, 60 Gunns Road. Or email torontopigsave@gmail.com for information about vigils in your area. Please support our work by visiting our website www.TorontoPigSave.org or Patreon page.

Further reading:

The above drawn from workers testimonials at Ryding-Regency Meat Packers slaughterhouse are corroborated by Gail Eisnitz's book, Slaughterhouse. She writes:

“I asked a veteran US Department of Agriculture inspector who worked at a modern, high-speed plant in Texas if you ever saw violations of the HSA or had difficulties enforcing it. ...Cattle dragged and chocked stuff like that. Knocking ‘em four, five, ten times. Every now and then when they’re stunned they come back to life, and they’re up there agonizing. They’re supposed to be restunned but sometimes they aren’t and they’ll go through the skinning process alive. I saw that myself, a bunch of times, I’ve found them alive clear over to the rump stand [the plant area where the hide is cut off the hindquarters.]” (p. 197)

Joby Warrick, “They Die Piece by Piece,” The Washington Post, April 10, 2001

“An effective stunning requires a precision shot,which workers must deliver hundreds of times daily to balky, frightened animals that frequently weigh 1,000 pounds or more. Within 12 seconds of entering the chamber, the fallen steer is shackled to a moving chain to be bled and butchered by other workers in a fast-moving production line. The hitch, IBP workers say, is that some “stunned” cattle wake up. “If you put a knife into the cow, it’s going to make a noise: It says, ‘Moo!’" said Moreno, the former second-legger, who began working in the stockyard last year. “They move the head and the eyes and the leg like the cow wants to walk.” After a blow to the head, an unconscious animal may kick or twitch by reflex. But a videotape, made secretly by IBP workers and reviewed by veterinarians for The Post, depicts cattle that clearly are alive and conscious after being stunned."

See: https://www.uta.edu/philosophy/faculty/burgess-jackson/Warrick,%20They%20Die%20Piece%20by%20Piece%20(2001).pdf



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