Put An End To Microplastic Pollution!

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The Problem

Only 11% of Canada’s plastics are recyclable. Think about the amount of plastic, that remaining 89%, that ends up discarded. Where does that all end up? Apart from landfills, the ocean. And what happens after they’ve made their way into the ocean? They break down into smaller and smaller pieces which we call microplastics. Perhaps you need a more severe grasp on the situation: imagine all the stars in our home solar system. Now, multiply that by 500, and you have now understood the magnitude, the sheer number, of microplastics that float in our oceans. If that weren’t staggering enough; a large portion of these microplastics are actually intentionally placed in cosmetic products. These are called microbeads.


These contaminants are in our oceans, our freshwater, our rain, our soil, our drinking water and food sources, and now, our bodies. Plastics contain a variety of harmful toxins that have been scientifically proven to induce cancer and other infirmities.

Care yet?


Perhaps you now care enough to make a change; and you can! By limiting or even completely eschewing your use of single-use plastics, by putting in the effort to recycle your plastics, by participating in clean-ups and supporting organizations (see below) and perhaps most importantly, by spreading the word, you can start to make a real change, and impact our planet for the better. 

What Your Signature Will Do

First and foremost; your signature will draw awareness to the issue at hand. This is crucial, due to the fact that this is a newly rising issue which is only gaining in severity. The hope is that these signatures may be take to those higher-ups in charge of making the large-scale changes to the use, production, and consumption of plastics across all of Canada. By contributing your signature, and working at the solutions listed previously, you can make all the difference. 

How much longer until we make the change our planet needs? That’s up to you.

Organizations To Support

Organizations: The 5 Gyres Institute, Parley For The Ocean, Bahamas Plastic Movement, Lonely Whale Foundation, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, etc.