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Prevent the expansion of Alberta oilsands and the Burnaby Mountain Pipeline.

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The Alberta oilsands industry has created an environmental dilemma as well as frustration from the First Nations groups surrounding the 140 000 square kilometers of land occupied by companies such as Shell, Total, Imperial Oil, and Petro Canada. Currently, the industry is the fastest growing source of GHG (greenhouse gas) pollution in Canada. The emissions produced have become a major contributor towards high quantities of acid rain in the area, as well as the immense abundance of toxic sludge that seeps into the natural waterways; harming wildlife, and consequently, the ecosystems that inhabit the region. Wolf populations are declining due to the lack of caribou that have lost a great deal of their home. If this isn't concerning enough, First Nations communities in the tar sands district report unusually high levels of rare cancers and autoimmune diseases. Which are likely due to the remarkably large amounts of heavy metals found in wild-caught foods. Many families must rely upon more expensive, and often less-healthy store-bought foods. The expansion of the Burnaby Mountain Pipeline will contribute incredibly towards these already prevalent issues. The construction of future pipelines is a step backwards from the "phase out" plan Justin Trudeau has proposed but ignored. With the installation, we will be disregarding Canada's promises to protect our environment. Please show your support if you feel even remotely concerned for the wellbeing of tens of thousands of people and their future generations that may have to endure such disrespect towards Alberta's wildlife and citizens!

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