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Stop Sled Dog Abuse Worldwide! / change2017

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The problem with sled- dogs, are that they are raced to death and not provided with proper shelter from the harsh climate weather.  Our goal is for government to take a stand- for tougher animal cruelty laws as well.  These dogs should be properly cared for and not tied- in freezing snow! Also this sport should be regulated and not only be about money. Our goal is for the old and sick sled-dogs, to be able to retire and be adopted to homes( where they are loved, cared for). And one day end this race. By singing this petition- your telling the government that you want changes!  Also end BSL worldwide. Thank you, be the change you want to see in this world, find your voice and use it.. The only way we can make a impact is for our voices to be heard.

Some Important Facts

Sled dogs most used are Siberian Husky mix

Weighing between 40-45 pounds each

They are forced to race in teams of 15 and pull a sled that's 400 pounds

Wind speeds of 40 to 60 degrees below zero

Races last 14 days (125 miles a day) dogs are forced to run 6 hours a day

Over frozen rivers, mountain sides etc

A death run. 1500 dogs start the race 1/3 don't finish why?

- wounds on feet, frozen paws, being tired or even death all for money!

- Dogs are killed for not finishing the race as in The Call Of The Wild Shot to death or left injured to fend for itself and attacked by Wolves or even stabbed to death

This is why we need a ban on this sport. Dogs are not humanely put down with the use of pentobarbital, a drug that enters the bloodstream and the animals heart stops working which leads to death. It's a humane way to end a animals life if they are suffering! The animals brain shuts down as well in 2 to 5 minutes death occurs and is the only humane way a animal suffering should die!!

- Not feed and go hungry for days or limited food (fish scrap, fish heads, tails) what humans wont eat.

- They are raced to death

They suffer alone! In dirty kennels, chained or tied to ropes all alone!

Also not provided proper vet care

Attacked by wolves, bears or dogs turn on each other ( like in The Call Of The Wild)

What can we as humans do? Stop supporting races like this worldwide!

Or countries that support it and call out for a Ban on Dog-Racing

And create tougher animal cruelty laws

Our voices will be heard, it only takes time for a changed world.

s/s thank you united for one purpose to change the World/ 2017



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