Make the Canadian government legislate laws to govern Canadian mining companies abroad

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Canadian companies abroad are complicit in grave crimes against humanity and the planet.  Canada does not have legislation in place to ensure “corporate social responsibility” for Canadian companies operating abroad even though their headquarters are in Canada.

As such, 75 % of the world’s mining companies are registered in Canada as they are not regulated or monitored on their actions. Apart from forced slave labour conditions (for example $1 a day at the Bishu Mine in Eritrea) murders of environmentalists in Mexico and Guatemala  , rapes and  assaults of workers in operations throughout the world,  these companies  are also destroying  sacred lands, displacing indigenous populations, and contaminating water and land  sources resulting in illness and death of thousands of local inhabitants. In 2018 the Canadian government formed an advisory committee and a position for an ombudsperson for responsible conduct abroad “CORE”.  However, this committee is advisory only and holds no real power, only investigating complaints after the fact.

Canadians need to be held responsible for the atrocities and violations that their companies commit abroad. We need to legislate laws to govern their actions.

Dozens of cases of  human rights abuses ( rape, assault, assasinations, contamination) are being heard in Canadian courts now and almost always the Canadian mining companies are found guilty.

If legislation were in place to create monitored and accountable operations,  it would deter and lessen the occurrences of these gross violations. There is a lawlessness that exists now which encourages unconscionable behaviour .The United Nations has repeatedly asked Canada to put in place protection for victims of its corporate exploits.(

Please join me in sending a strong clear message to the Canadian government that we need to legislate in order to regulate Canadian companies' operations abroad.

To all Canadians: Our presence in the very countries we "help" by accepting refugees and sending aid does not negate the fact that we support imperialist criminals by enabling corporate lack of social responsibility legislated by our own government. Please sign and send a message.