Investigate New Westminster Family Court Dysfunction & Child Abuse

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The New Westminster family courthouse is refusing to let a dad take his children to medical appointments & or counseling outside of his limited every second weekend access.  

The New Westminster family courthouse has granted/facilitated a violent pedophile with a long documented criminal history more parental access than this biological dad that does not drink, smoke or have any criminal history. This good dad gets very little access to his own sons while New West family court judges facilitate generous access to a violent criminal that was caught raping a child. (based on a 100 page recorded transcript that would make a normal person puke) & a mom with a dubious well documented history. 

Website page with the shocking complaint letter about the New Westminster family courthouse that went to Justin Trudeau & the Canadian Judicial Council. In Canada the PM appoints judges (the USA elect judges), of which Justin Trudeau appointed at least one judge involved in this family court injustice & Trudeau's Minister of Justice has willfully ignored all email correspondence because the news media is not involved to highlight the issue. A Liberal MP was overheard saying, ""WE" don't have internal moral compasses built in as Liberals & only react when exposed"". An absolute must read!


-- The regulatory body run by the Federal Government of Canada is well known for insulating dirty judges. Advocates have long said the Canadian Judicial Council is the most corrupt in the world.

Multi page website explaining Canada's "for profit" billion dollar family law corrupt scheme in which the rich steal from families using child extortion. In link above

Vancouver, BC is a well known child sex hub around the world of which the BC courts facilitate opportunity for recruitment by child porn industry by arbitrarily using their power to take protective dads out of their own children's lives. #canadaisgross See link above. 

Powerful article by Rolling Stone Magazine author & University of British Columbia Leadership Chair Wade Davis that touches on America's (Canada's) attack on the family & the dire consequences. It is not too late Canada to turn this around. The rich politicians & their cronies must stop destroying families & if need be, raise taxes and take in a more transparent manner.

#1 update document (click words Canadian Judicial Council to link doc)

New Westminster court-house is well known as "the house of horrors" to parents & children for well over 15 years. Billions & billions of dollars have been extorted by judges using children in the biggest government scheme since Indian Residential School genocide where children were also taken from their own parents as a way to steal valuable land.