Implement Federal First Time Home Buyers Rebate Program Of Up To $20,000

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Attention First Time Home Buyers!

The affordability of a new home has become an impossibility for many citizens of Canada not just the Metro Cities. First time home buyers are perplexed on how to cover all the closing costs such as increasing Legal Fees, Land Transfer Taxes, Double Land Transfer Tax, Property Tax, Moving Expenses, Mortgage Fees, New Builder Levies, Tax on Mortgage Insurance, Appraisal Fees, Inspection Fees, Administration Fees and if you want to put down only 5% a $19,000 insurance premium will be tacked onto your mortgage which in turn makes it almost impossible for a first time home buyer to qualify for a mortgage.

Welcome to the world of First Time Home Buyers.

This is a Canada wide epidemic and we need the Federal Government to see that the endless fees associated with the purchase of a home is not affordable for a first time home buyer whether they are a single or dual income family as the numbers just do not add up.

If you are a first time home buyer or know a family member, friend, colleague lets stand together and force the Canadian Government to hear our voice. As one we can make a change. 

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