Hold Canadian officials accountable for committing torture

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Two years ago, I was jailed by Canadian government for 96 days, about halves in solitary confinement, without a trial or even a charge.

Solitary confinement more than 15 days is torture according to United Nations, and the Canadian laws now (not the laws at the time). Most of the days spent 24 hr in solitary confinement, denied all human interactions. At some point I just couldn't take it anymore, and hung myself, was saved by other prisoners. The guard said this when they came "The way you tried to end your life is very peaceful, now if you don't do as we say, we are going to give you a lot of pain.", by the time it didn't surprise me at all for I had gotten used to how Canadians government treat prisoners, but it's a pretty good representation of their attitude in one sentence.

At the time I wanted to be a scientist and had multiple faculties from UBC writing recommendation letters for me. Now I suffer greatly from all memories of torture and having panic attacks all the times. It really bothers me these monsters can just get away with it. Torture is still torture whether your named yourself ISIS, Nazi, Taliban or Canadian.

The below link has information of the disgusting use of solitary confinement by Canadian government

Ontario Solitary Confinement Class Action

Please sign the petition to hold them accountable for the crimes against humanity they committed.


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