Hey Canada Exonerate Bhai Mewa Singh.

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While we welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for exonerating the Chilcotin chiefs who were hanged for raising voice against colonialism, we now demand that Canada should also absolve Bhai Mewa Singh, the first South Asian political activist to be hanged in 1915 on the Canadian soil. Bhai Mewa Singh was executed for the assassination of a controversial immigration inspector William Hopkinson . This was a political action that was in retaliation of systemic racism against South Asian immigrants in Canada. Hopkinson had provoked Bhai Mewa Singh by patronizing spies who were responsible for the murders of two community activists who were shot to death at a Sikh temple in September 1914. The bloody episode followed the forcible return of Komagata Maru ship by the Canadian government under the discriminatory immigration laws that was passed to discourage South Asians from permanent settlement in BC. As the Canadian government has already acknowledged that the Komagata Maru episode was wrong thing to do, it's time to revisit the murder of Hopkinson and exonerate Bhai Mewa Singh of any wrongdoing. 

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