Get Rid of Plastic Utensils And Bags

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  •   We don't need all this plastic.  We already have reusable bags and utensils, why do we need plastic ones?  Plastic bags are harmful to not only the environment, but to living things.  If by accident something eats it, it won't be digested.  It will stay in the gut.  Every year, plastic bags badly effect the lives for tens of thousands of animals, especially sea creatures.   Actually, over one million marine animals are killed each year because of plastic waste.  That's just marine life.  Other animals such as bunnies or rabbits get stuck in plastic bags AND soda holder containers.  Yes, it is true that our lives would be a bit easier if we has plastic bags.  But we can't be using other animals' suffering for our convenience.  None of it is of any concern to lots until it happens to their own pet.  Don't litter, and help us accomplish our goal.  By signing and sharing this with your friends, we can put this into action!