Hold animal agriculture accountable to animal abuse

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The Canadian government continues to protect farms that commits cruel and illegal acts against animals on the grounds that footage revealing cruelty is illegally obtained. The government should not criminalize animal rights activists while turning a blind eye to illegal animal cruelty practices. We ask for greater oversight into these private corporations to ensure Canadian law is being upheld and to allow justice to be upheld for the most innocent creatures. We cannot allow large corporations to treat animals with disregard and disrespect without adhering to the laws of the land. We ask the Canadian government to prosecute the Excelsior farm for violations and to install video surveillance into all animal agriculture systems to collect footage to be weekly reviewed for any violations. We also ask the government to stop prosecuting animal rights activists on the grounds of exposing illegal corporate practices; these people are doing the work of law enforcement, who should do more to hold animal agriculture corporations accountable. Animals deserve better and we have the means to provide a better life for animals by upholding laws that already exist but are yet to be enforced.