Equal partnership for the Algonquin Nation at 100 Wellington

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In 2017 Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the 3 National Indigenous Organization (Assembly of First Nations, Metis National Council, and the  Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami) the former US Embassy, deeming it the Indigenous Peoples’ Space.  Although they are the rightful title holders to the land, the Algonquin Nation was as afterthought.  The Algonquin Nation have been calling on the Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Bennett and the 3 NIOs to include them as equal partners in all aspects of the project.  As of June 19th, Grand Chief Verna Polson has been living in a traditional wigwam on the site, seeking that equal partnership.

Please sign this petition to support the rightful title holders, the Algonquin Nation, as full and equal partners in the Indigenous Peoples’ Space.