Automatic Permanent Resident (PR) status for International Students upon Degree Completion

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FACT: In recent news (April 14, 2019), Canada is making plans to attract more international students by expanding its presence overseas in an effort to boost economic benefits that already amount to billions per year. According to Federal analysis, the economic effects of foreign students nearly doubled between 2010 and 2016, when they reached a total of $15.5 billion in Canada for everything from tuition fees to rent and groceries. To put that in perspective, federal numbers show the sector had a greater economic impact in 2016 than Canada’s export of Auto parts, Aircraft and Lumber. Universities Canada President Paul Davidson said in an interview, he expects Canada to promote itself as an education destination in places with expanding economies and large populations of young people, like Colombia and parts of Africa (Source: Global news)


FACT: In pursuit of international education, international students and their family pay higher tuition than that charged to Canadians and has become a “crucial” source of income for schools in Canada. According to Global News, Statistics Canada reports the average tuition for an international student at a Canadian University was $27,159 in 2018, nearly four times the $6,838 average tuition for Canadian residents.


MORE FACTS: International students add/bring value to the Canadian academic curriculum, one of which is that they ensure a wider choice of programs being offered “for all students” (according to Denise Amyot, President and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada) (Source: Global news)



1) After international students pay nearly four times the average tuition for Canadians, they are now at a crossroad. Either to go through another 'cash grab' process to extend/renew their student visas in-order to look for employment, or for those who are lucky to get jobs after graduation, apply/and pay for PR after having lived, worked and declared taxes to the Canadian government for several years as student employees. Majority of them do not get the PR (because of the stringent employment conditions) and are forced to either return back home, or re-enroll in another program (like a Masters or PhD program) and keep paying the huge tuition fee so as to be able to extend their stay and look for suitable employment ..... Are they cattle to be milked dry?


2) Some of these international students have relatives in Canada that are working, that are employers of labour, that are paying taxes, that are responsible Canadian residents contributing to the Canadian economy ….. and yet, some students with this level of support and credibility cannot get an automatic PR upon graduation …. Why?


3) We hear of refugees and influx of 'refugee shoppers' entering the country and earning permanent resident status through legal loopholes or fast-tracked to PR status in Canada by the federal government. These people obtain their PR upon landing on the Canadian soil, embraced on entry by our PMs and even provided with shelter, food and upkeep monies for months ….. Using tax payers’ money of whom those tax payers are the International students that also work while studying hard;


4) International students should be rewarded for helping to fuel, run and better the education system in Canada. They deserve compensation for paying nearly four times the average tuition for the same level of education as Canadian residents.



A) Every International students upon completion of a 2 years college degree or a University degree in Canada should automatically receive a PR status unless such student voluntarily decides not to pursue that privilege. Such students upon their graduation should be given one year to accept the PR status which if not claimed by the students can then be voided and such student can apply through other routes when they finally decide to pursue a Canadian PR;


B) Every International students who have in the past and/or as at today completed a 2 years college degree or a University degree in Canada and who hasn’t obtained a PR status yet or is having issues obtaining the PR, should be allowed to fill out a form stating when they graduated and be given the automatic PR status without question (unless a criminal case is levied or pending against such a person).


MY PLEA TO EVERY INTERNATIONAL STUDENT READING THIS: We need you. We need your voice. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition and let’s bring about the change we would like to see in Canada!

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