An inquiry to ALL missing & murdered indigenous women along the highway of Tears & support

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As some of you may know, and some of you that may not, we lost another Aboriginal women along with Highway of Tears, a stretch of highway from Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC.

The "official" count of women who have been classified as Highway of Tears victims is 18 (from 1969-2006). That number doesn't show how many ACTUAL victims there are, to be classified I Highway of Tears victims you need to have the following criteria: hitchhiking or other high risk behaviour, and last seen or their body found within a mile or so from three B.C. highways (Hwy 16, Hwy 97 and Hwy 5). 

Because of this criteria, we are missing much bigger victim net, and the numbers are skued. 

I'm asking for an inquiry on the number of indigenous women who have been murdered or gone missing from the communities along the highway of tears.

I am also asking that we look at the root cause, is this area more susceptible due to the lack of transportation in the area, the lack of investigation & justice, lack of accountaboliac for actions, the lack of supports in the area, the isolation of the communities, or all of the above or something that hasn't been touched on in this petition. 

All though there has been an E-PANA investigation and the RCMP have used ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System), as well as other databases to assist in there investigations, I am calling for an investigation where the locals and survivors are interviewed.

I believe that if a new investigation is launched with the extended parameters, and interviews the results will be shocking (except for those who live along the highway of tears). I am also petitioning for supports for the communities, reliable transportation, mental health supports, increased presence on the highway, and all other supports that the communities feel will help keep our indigenous women safe.  

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