A governmental campaign for eradicating male violence

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In Canada, the right to safety for all is asserted by our Charter of Rights, yet every nine days on average, a man kills a woman. An unknown number of men (it has not been studied how many) commit crimes of sexual violence upon one third of the female and gender-diverse population. It is time to investigate this violence epidemic seriously, and to start a national campaign to eradicate the gender discrimination that is the root cause of gender-based violence, educating men into positive masculinity, and both men and women into a culture of inclusiveness and fairness, as well as changing the laws and societal practices (such as female under-representation, exploitation and underpayment) that contribute to the ongoing violence.  

Gender-based violence is a crime against the very fabric of society, since it affects all of us either directly, or indirectly by affecting children or female relatives and friends.This crime is enabled by the economic dependence into which women as a group are forced by pay discrimination practices, and by inadequate laws and their enactment, which convert gender based crimes into the almost perfect crimes, from which most offenders are absolved while most victims that dare report are re-traumatized by the very system that should protect them.

This is a request for a nation-wide, government-managed plan of action involving all levels of government, to *end gender-based violence* by specifically addressing its root causes, such all forms of gender discrimination (emotional, financial, physical, psychological, legal, institutional and sexual). For instance, equal pay must be enacted NOW- there is no excuse for postponing its implementation any longer. 

The plan needs in particular to aim at proportional representation of women at all levels of governance- including the legislative and judicial powers-, since their presence in decision making is key to ending the present violence epidemic. Their inclusion in proportional numbers in decision-making and in positions of power will not only help end the violence epidemic, but is badly needed for many other societal problems as well, as scientists have already realized, see e.g.: https://futureoflife.org/2016/06/13/collective-intelligence-of-women-save-world