Justice for Darrell Edwards

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Darrell Wayne Edwards Jr. is a 16 year old boy who has been tried as an adult without exercising all juvenile remedies. Living in an environment that tends to be less fortunate puts the youth at risk. Edwards has been victimize not only by the judicial system but gang life followed by mistaken identity. Due to the fact that there are no stand your ground laws in the sate of California and which should have been provided and granted. Edwards was sentenced to 15 years in the state of California for 664/187 attempted murder 2nd degree. There is in fact a difference between attempting to commit murder and just simply defending ones self. The intention was not to take a life, but instead save and defend one. So why should a mentally undeveloped child be sentenced so harshly for doing what anybody else would have done in a situation that required a 16 year old boy to defend himself from a party of three who are all in their 30's ? Where is the logic in treating kids who are in need of guidance and support like adults? A child with a gun is not a fair scene, but a child without a future is even more gruesome. With Edwards now being 23 he has since then achieved a high school diploma, he has attended and completed successfully self help classes that focus on anger management, logic and critical thinking, expression through poetry, parenting including transitions and has successfully attained real world work skills working in an industrial sized kitchen feeding 5 thousand people a day. Edwards has also been the subject of a Netflix documentary titled "They Call Us Monsters" directed by Ben Lear. What is the purpose of keeping a human being locked away in a cell when the child he was before is not the man he is today? Regardless of the circumstances no individual is the exact same person prior to the present moment. Edwards is a son, a brother, uncle, and father, imagine someone you love and know who is not innocent to life but the case at hand and is sentenced harshly. In results, Edwards lost his father back in May of 2017 to gun violence. His father was unable to defend himself and was shot multiple times and ran off the road at a red light in Los Angeles. It is evident that malice was in fact a matter in Edwards fathers death, but not within his case. Please help Darrell W. Edwards seek righteous justice. 

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