JUSTICE to Homeless Victims & Citizens Living in Dangerous Building of Ulhasnagar (MMR)

JUSTICE to Homeless Victims & Citizens Living in Dangerous Building of Ulhasnagar (MMR)

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CA Moti Ludhwani started this petition to The Chief Minster of Maharashtra and

PETITION to do JUSTICE & Save Life.

To The Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Shri Uddhav Thackeray

Respected Sir

Sub: Appeal for JUSTICE to Homeless & Citizens of Dangerous Buildings of Ulhasnagar (& MMR Region) & Provide Redevelopment FSI & Rehabilitation.

(A) Dangerous Buildings: Sir we are facing a serious problem of Dangerous & Dilapidated Buildings in Ulhasnagar. Citizens staying are at huge risk as buildings are collapsing regularly. There are 800-1000 such buildings & apx 200 are most dangerous & critical needs immediate attention (As per UMC List).

Every monsoon 4-5 buildings collapse causing tragdies. This year alone 4 builidngs collapse in 30 days. Risk is increasing by each day as buildings gets older & dangerous. Citizens facing huge mental trauma. Sadly they are forced to stay there since No Alternative exits.

In Ulhasnagar last 10 years 30 buidngs collapsed, 3000 citizens homeless. 23 innocent lost life (incl 7 Kids). 1 Lac Citizens living in these buildings facing risk of life but No relief from State. All these Citizens are at the mercy of God.

(B) Reasons: Buildngs are dangerous due to sub standard material used in its construction. Such buildings come up in 92-96 when there was scarcity of sand (Reti). Builders used poor quality sand that cause serious decay. Such buildings collapse suddenly like bunch of cards & cause serious casualties (Dhokhadayak).

Greedy Builder Corrupt Officials Nexus: In 92-96 rampant illegal construction happen in Ulhasnagar with Huge FSI violations by greedy builders with help of corrupt UMC Officials & Corporators mafia. Officials gave Water electricity Lift all facilities easily & allowed all this mess.

(C) Buyer just a victim not culprit needs Sympathy: Today Govt & court blame Flat owners but they are just poor victims. Why UMC gave no warnings, No PUBLIC NOTICE in Newspaper for Illegal buildings? Buyer was ignorant & fall in this trap. In 92-96 period 99% buildings were illegal hence public have no choice.

Citizens living in Dangerous buildings are mistreated like criminals. Sir even a slumdwellers who encroach land gets far better treatment than us (gets SRA flat). Whereas we have self-own Flat (Pay Tax) but gets nothing & treated like hard core criminals. We given demolition threats, charged penalties, thrown out of own flats or left to die in building collapse. No FSI No Rehabiltation. Its Big INJUSTICE.

We are requesting Govt (CM, UD) for 10 years (Mails, Aaple Sarkar, Tweets) but no relief given till today. All Govts (CMs) just made empty promises "to solve problem in 3-4 months" but did nothing. Buildngs kept falling Citizens kept dying.

(D) Redevelopment & Rehabiltation: Majority (70%) of such buildngs need to completely demolished & rebuild. Citizens tobe Rehabilitate to alternate accomodation. It need Redevlopment FSI (sufficient) & all Legal permissions.

(E) CONGESTED AREA FSI: Ulhasnagar is very small Township of 13 sq km with 9-10 Lacs population. Its the most Congested Area in the world (75000 P/km). It needs Special FSI similar in line of "The Regularisation of unauthorized buildings of Ulhasnagar ordinance 2006" where upto 4 FSI was permitted.

(F) Supreme Court Judgment to Provide Shelter to Homeless: Please note there is clear orders from SC to all States to provide shelter to homeless. SC says "Persons without shelter cannot be left to fend for themselves".

Kindly Ref link for SC order details


(G) Entire MMR Area needs Relief: Sir This is not the problem of Ulhasnagar alone. 20,000 Dangerous buildings in MMR with 8 Corporations (ref List) seek Redevelopment FSI relief for 15 Lacs Citizens living in Dangerous buildings.

Thane (TMC) - Navi Mumbai (NMMC)
Kalyn-Dom (KDMC) - Ulhasnagar (UMC)
Mira-Bhayander (MBMC) - Panvel (PMC)
Bhiwandi (BNMCP) - Vasai-Vir (VVCMC)

Till now apx 300 Citizens lost life in 60 buildings Collapse in Thane-Bhiwandi-Dom Area. Only BMC enjoys monopoly of Redevelopment FSI but Rest of Maharashtra Continue to suffer. Its Huge INJUSTICE to citizens of MMR.

(H) URA MISSION: We citizens formed Ulhasnagar Residents Association URA to Fight for Justice. URA created common platform UDDBMA for all homeless & citizens living in Dangerous Buildings to get UNITED & fight for RIGHTS. Our Mission is to get JUSTICE for homeless (thru Govt or court PIL).

We Request you to Kindly approve

1) Redevelopment FSI. We seek Special FSI for Ulhasnagar being CONGESTED Area & we also need Fast Approvals.

2) Rehabilitation relief by Alternative Accomodation & suitable Transit camp.

3) Create FUND for DANGEROUS BUILDINGS Citizens WELFARE for Emergency Repairs Rent etc for State.

In Mumbai (& MMR) there are 50,000 Dilapidated buildngs (40 Lacs public). 500 innocent lost life. Its the Most serious problem of State need special attention. This FUND can do lots of Welfare (Repairs Rent etc) & save life.

We Appeal to you on behalf of one Lac Ulhasnagar public (& 15 Lacs MMR Citizens) living in Dangerous buildings. Kindly do JUSTICE & approve above. Your timely act can save precious lives.

Thanking you
Yours Faithfully

CA Moti Ludhwani

The Prime Minister of India
The Chief Justice of India (SC & HC)

Citizens requested to sign this Petition for JUSTICE to homeless & Citizens live in Dangerous buildings (suffered 10 yrs)

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Anyone willing to join this mission is welcome. for any details please contact
9321708012 -  mkludhwani@gmail.com.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!