Justice in Saratoga Springs: #WhyDidDarrylDie

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  •  Because no formal internal investigation was conducted, in accordance with the Saratoga Springs Police Department’s General Order Section 25, titled "Investigating Employee Misconduct," despite allegations of police misconduct related to the fatal injuries of Darryl Mount on August 31, 2013.


  • Because serious discrepancies and conflicts exist between evidence and statements made by Police Chief Veitch that include the promise to hold such an investigation and the deposition in May 2, 2017 in which he admits the investigation was never conducted;


  •  Because public trust in the system of justice is damaged and safety provided by the current laws, policies, procedures and enforcement of these is under question;

We the undersigned call for a full, independent investigation into the actions of the police, the coroner and other court and law enforcement, and city officials before and since the fatal injuries suffered by Darryl Mount on August 31, 2013.

We demand an immediate review of current policies and procedures by a team of representatives of law enforcement and affected communities to ensure accountability and transparency. These policies will set forth the procedures by which any and all cases of critical injury and/or death in connection to police and law enforcement actions are fully investigated, recorded and reported to the public, and shall include penalties for not following these procedures.

We demand mandatory training for the Saratoga Springs Police Department and all city employees on implicit bias and bias reduction, intercultural proficiency and nonviolent conflict reduction.

As evidence a full investigative report can be viewed on the Internet, Times Union (August 26, 2018)

See more information here: https://saratogaspringspolitics.com/2018/09/25/mount-family-lawsuit-reveals-lies-bias-and-a-failure-to-adhere-to-the-citys-requirements-for-investigations/comment-page-1/