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Fact: This Monster Bought Her From a Craigslist Pet Ad


Oct 29, 2013 — This has been confirmed moments ago at the arraignment at Quincy District Court. Puppy Doe was re-homed TWICE on Craigslist, ending up in the hands of this vile, sick, individual. Police have confirmed that he looked at pet ads on Craigslist, and the two people who re-homed Puppy Doe confirmed from his picture that it was indeed him. The authorities have also matched cell phone records.

The prosecutors presented hard evidence that showed there was "blood, fur, paws marks in dried up blood, and scratches on the door." Many of Puppy Doe's supporters in attendance broke down in tears.

Despite all of these FACTS, Craigslist continues to ignore our pleas, and apparently, refuses to even THINK about making changes to the pets section.

The arrest today is a blessing, and the news that it is a FACT that Puppy Doe was obtained by this sick person through Craigslist only adds fuel to our fire. We will not back down.


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