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Oct 4, 2013 — Clearly, thousands of us agree that the time has finally come for Craigslist to change their policies on this matter. To those misguided few out there, that say some bad always comes with good and believe that Craigslist ads are a matter of "buyer beware," what you seem to forget is that animals cannot make decisions for themselves. Without choice in the matter, they rely on us imperfect human beings to do right by them and by continuing to allow the pets section to be a free-for-all for just anyone to dump off, or pick up a living, breathing, feeling, loving being, we are continuing to fail these voiceless, vulnerable animals.

Yet another case of animal torture that started with a Craigslist post in 2010. The Prosecutor states, "“He was able to convince two families to give up their animals that they love,” Pennington said. “He was manipulative.”


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