Justice for McKenzie Cochran-Security Guard Training Standardization

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On January 28th, 2014, McKenzie Cochran was killed by three security guards at Northland Mall, who held him down and straddled him while he pleaded "I can't breathe, I can't breathe". A security officer replied "If you can talk, you can breathe."

He died of compression asphyxiation like George Floyd.

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper reported that she "consulted an expert on civil rights violations with the U.S. Justice Department who reviewed the videos, police reports and autopsy and determined that 'no officers made any serious efforts to restrict Mr. Cochran's breathing'; rather, the arrest took too long and the untrained guards kept him restricted for too long". 

Cooper did not criminally charge the security guards because "they had no intent to harm him". She also said that she doesn't charge "unless [she] thinks [she] can win. [She doesn't] believe there was criminal culpability."

This petition calls for the re-evaluation and charging of the security guards in the death of McKenzie Cochran. I am also calling for the legalization of standardized, formal training for all security guard companies in the state of Michigan. The current requirements and training for security guards are minimal at best and continue to promote negligence and the use of excessive force.

The proper training of security guards could have saved Cochran's life. He and his family deserve justice.