Justice for Late Retired IPS officer Gaurav Chandra Dutt

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Manvendra Singh Jadon started this petition to Central Bureau of Investigation and

Within the course of last few years, the State of West Bengal has seen an enormous surge in the crime rate against women, children and communities across all spectrums.

The track record of West Bengal when it comes to political murders, also paints a rather dismal and sorry picture for the future of free, non-rigged and fair elections in West Bengal. It also goes on to show the criminal antecedents of the so called democratically elected leaders in the State of West Bengal. 

Accentuating this fact, a recent case in West Bengal comes into light, wherein it was reported by a number of credible media outlets like Scroll, News18, India Today, Week and Outlook etc. that a retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from the West Bengal cadre who committed suicide on Feb 19, 2019 had accused Chief Minister of Bengal for abetment in his suicide note.

  • Print wrote that Dutt was reportedly found in a pool of blood, with a slit wrist, at his house Tuesday. He was taken to hospital, but succumbed to excessive blood loss.
  • In his note, he said the “present CM WB” was responsible “for my action inform (sic) of abetment”.
  • All that is noted above has been written in perfect mental condition,” he added.

Although the CMO and TMC denied charges, they were called out and accused for being vindictive and revengeful by a lot of political opponents but in spite of that not much ground has been traversed when it comes to investigation in this unique case. No headway has been achieved in ensuring #JusticeForIPSGauravChandraDutt

On a bare perusal of the recent data and statistics from credible sources like NCRB it can be seen that Bengal fared just better than Uttar Pradesh on few parameters but that also gets overshadowed given the abysmal population density of Uttar Pradesh, which makes the State of West Bengal, one of the worst performers on the scale of crime rate in the whole country.

Such deplorable condition can be largely attributed to goondas and goons of the State of West Bengal who are allegedly backed by the ruling government of Trinamool Congress, a party led by the incumbent Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. The eccentric and rather dictatorial nature of the CMO has been largely responsible for giving fire to the neo-fascism that has seen a new life in the rather intellectually driven West Bengal.

Much of the local and political crimes that goes unnoticed by the national media are largely attributed to the chauvinistic nature of the ruling government's policies which muzzle free speech, political opponents and even accountability. The recent case of 'CBI' (and the hullabaloo created around it) alongwith the above quoted case of 'Retired Cop's Suicide' is an embodiment of the polarization carried out by the ruling TMC government, because of their partisan views.

The nation wants a democratic order in place and we must all fight for it.

Hence, we must join hands to get justice and equity for IPS Gaurav Chandra by requesting the concerned authorities to take cognizance of the matter by instituting a CBI probe in this grave matter.





0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!