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This was a beautiful Thoroughbred mare named Fortunedforhundred. She was an unraced CLEAN SLATE, no baggage beautiful horse that is now DEAD by the hands of Cody Kohler. 

This horse was previously abused and beaten before this woman named Cody Kohler purchased her in Johnstown OH. She has never been in side reins before in her life and Cody started her out in them and rode her too. Bella was terrified so Cody got off and tried to lunge her.  After this you can see from the video what happened. This innocent mare died and Cody left her there until she got a dump truck to take her out which she stayed in for 3 days and then put some arena footing over the blood spot and let horses in the arena as well as teaching lessons.


To whom it may concern:

I’m writing you on behalf of the horse community to let everyone in charge know that the act that this poor excuse of a human did in the video shown is UNACCEPTABLE, DISGUSTING and most of all WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
Myself and the rest of the horse community are standing by this petition to have CODY KOHLER Instructors License taken away as well as the horses.

There is a way to train horses and THIS is not it!

- The Horse Community