Stop Protecting the Rapist. Open the court & Let the families support the Victims.

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Proven Rapist / Pedophile / Molester - David Scott has been proven 18.04.18 for abusing and destroying lifes of 6 victims.  The case is larger than this still. On Wednesday this week, 20 years later, after being reported, it has just taken action and a guilty plea to 45 years of Rape''s was taken from Davies Scott, and he was sent down.

Unfortunately still, the courts kept it in, a 10 person, court room where families were denied access, while the victims stood strong - in front of their Abuser .. without their supporters by their sides.

WHY are the victims facing him in court alone? or with 1 accepted, person by court rule. Why protect this beast? When we should be supporting the victims. Our families. Loved ones. The INNOCENT ONES. There has been NO ANSWER given for this. 

David Scott pled guilty and has been sent to Jail,  awaiting trial in one month. I am hoping to get enough votes to make Justice Right for these girls, support the woman I care about and watch the beast go down after the devestation he brought, to so many of our life's - but especially to back the victims. 

Please stand with me, share & sign. No body has the rights to anybody's body AND no victim should be denied the rights to their security. 

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