Ro Khanna's Justice Democrat status shall be revoked for endorsing corruption in NY-14.

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As the NY-14 primary is occurring on June 26th, Ro Khanna had the opportunity to endorse a Justice Democrat and progressive Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. He opted instead to sacrifice his "ideals" to support the 4th highest ranking establishment democrat Joe Crowley. Alexandria is endorsed by Our Revolution, The People For Bernie, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, Zephyr Teachout, Susan Sarandon and Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk amongst many others. Her progressive credentials are beyond reproach. Crowley is a neoliberal who caters to Wall Street and luxury real estate development. He also lives a few states away from the NY district he is supposed to represent. (He lives in Virginia and his kids are enrolled in school there). For his obvious corrupt and power pandering endorsement Ro Khanna should lose his Justice Democrat credentials. As further reproach, all those with means and ability should donate and volunteer to the campaign to show the democratic party that their empty rhetoric will no longer be tolerated.