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Reinstate Cenk Uygur in His Position With the Justice Democrats

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Reinstate Cenk Uygur in His Position With the Justice Democrats

By signing this petition you are agreeing to the following statement.  It is an open letter to the leadership of the Justice Democrats written by John Boulden to voice our concerns.

Justice Democratic Team,

    I hereby ask that the call for Cenk Uygur to resign from his involvement with the Justice Democrats be rescinded.  I also ask that a clear and public statement be issued explaining why this demand for resignation was posted to twitter, and what the motivations for this post was.  Please accept the list of signatures in support of my position as proof of the will of the people who call themselves Justice Democrats.

    The facts as I understand them are this.  On the twenty-first of December 2017, political activist Cassandra Fairbanks who is currently in support of Donald Trump wrote a piece for titled MUST READ: Young Turks Host Cenk Uygur's Disturbing Sexist, Racist and Pro-Rape Past.

This article supposedly details a history of things that we as Justice Democrats stand against.  Careful reading of the article shows it to be a muck raking attempt to discredit a high profile member of the liberal movement by a politically motivated member of the right wing.  The article written by Ms. Fairbanks clearly dredges up posts from the past in order to paint Mr. Uygur as the kind of monster that he fights against.  The article is written in such a way that encourages the reader to accept quotes and video clips taken out the wider context of the show as evidence of current wrongdoing.

This article appears to be the reason behind the statement the Justice Democrats released the next day on Twitter.  We members of this movement feel that this entire situation has been handled in a way that is not in keeping with the openness and transparency which we members of the movement have come to expect.  At this time there is no evidence that Mr. Uygur has been the subject of any honest accusations brought before a court of law.


The actions of the Justice Democrats leadership team are reprehensible because as progressives we should know that all people have a past and that they grow and progress from that past.  As a combat veteran of the United States Air Force who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I have said and done things in my past which are not in accordance with the current values I hold.  We call ourselves "progressives" because we wish to see our country progress into something better than it is now.  Mr. Uygur's public transformation from conservative to liberal has been a shining example that progress on the level of the individual is imperative to the progress of a society.

Until such time that it is proven that Cenk Uygur broke actual laws, I demand that Executive Director Chakrabarti and Campaigns Director Rojas retract their statement and issue an immediate and unequivocal apology to Mr. Uygur and the members of the Justice Democratic movement as a whole.  We ask that they acknowledge that this decision was clearly motivated by the conservative smear campaign which has recently effected other members of the movement such as Sam Seder.

Respectfully Signed,
John Boulden

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