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Just Us!: Cease all anti-union activity! Reinstate terminated employees! Recognize workers’ right to form a Union!

On March 27, 2013, both Shay Enxuga and Elijah Williams were terminated from their employment at Just Us. At the time of the terminations Enxuga and Williams were key supporters of the unionizing drive by workers at the Co-op. Both individuals had been employed for over a year.

According to a legal complaint filed at the Labour Board of Nova Scotia, Just Us managements’ actions in terminating the two key internal organizers were aimed at creating a chilling effect that would, in effect, bring an end to the Union’s organizing drive. In addition, other employees have been intimidated and threatened with reprisals.

Not only have these actions resulted in multiple violations of the Employment Standards Act, they are also contrary to Just Us’ stated goals and values.

Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op Stated Goals & Values

Just Us aims to put “people before profits.”

Just Us has a stated goal of fostering “a more democratic workplace and supply chain, where everyone can participate and benefit.”

Just Us states “we do not go through the blood, sweat and tears of building a democratic workplace and supply chain just to have a job. We want to be the ‘real deal’ in everything we say and do.”

Letter to
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative
General Manager of Just Us! Debra Moore
We demand that Just Us:
Cease all anti-union activity!
Reinstate terminated employees!
Recognize Just Us workers’ right to form a Union!

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