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@Junkart- Revive Yamuna River from Ecological Death.

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Yamuna River was often called as a vein of our National Capital, New Delhi. But, do we know this water resource is "Ecologically Dead"? Maybe many of us know the tragic situation of Yamuna river, which originates from Ganga and flows through divergent regions in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & then reaches Delhi as a water source.

The Yamuna is a waterway in Delhi, which needs an ecological treatment before it steps into the graveyard. The Yamuna is considered as a standout amongst the most dirtied and tainted streams in India. The release of toxic industrial effluents, waste from 21 major underground passage (connected throughout Delhi to collect domestic waste), hospital waste & dangerous chemicals are all dumped into Yamuna river.

Aquatic life of Yamuna is all choked and dead. There is no existence of any aquatic species just because of the contaminated components flowing inside as a killer poison damaging the water species.

Along with an extent of 22-23 km, there is no Aquatic Life essentially. With appreciation as a person, we produce waste and dump it, to execute the water species to decimate our healthy lifestyle chain of biological system . Dislike Yamuna is having no sea-going life by any means, yet before it turns its streaming face towards Delhi it is a home to a considerable measure of animal groups, for example, crocodiles, turtles, and numerous sea-going plants & many variants of fish species.

A great deal of understood Ecologist did a sight seen of Yamuna stream to resuscitate a desire for profound water Aquatics and pronounced it naturally dead from sewage squander, modern chemicals and numerous other dangerous contaminants, which has compellingly stifled the waterway and made it grimy as damnation.

An Ecology educator from Delhi University in the wake of examining a discouraging state of the Yamuna River expressed that there are in absolute 21 underground entry channels where all the sewage discharged by the occupants of Delhi is out-streamed into Yamuna waterway as there is no chance to get out to bounce out with an answer.

As a responsible citizen, I want all environmental enthusiast to take a stand on the most disturbing problem shaking our ecosystem and try to play their role as an organization, business or NonProfit Organization.

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