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End Puppy Mills! Adopt Today!

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Having pets is a joy, but it will lead to a tremendous amount of responsibly. Every year 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized because of shelter overcrowding. When you are ready to take on the responsibly of a pet, please consider a shelter adoption. These are 5 reasons why I think adoption is the best options for that new fur baby.

Puppy Mills are considered and often called back yard breeders. The breeders generally only care about the profit of the litter instead of the welfare of the animals. The animals are usually put into seriously overcrowded spaces and left in unsanitary conditions. Some are in stacked crates for the duration of their life. Most female animals are bred with no time to recuperation. The USDA requires some sort of inspection for reputable breeders. Back yard breeders often sell the litters to pet stores to avoid the USDA license, therefore making the consumer feel safe about purchasing the animal.

The cost of a pet can run hundreds of dollars during the first year of life. Pets in shelters have already had a series of vaccinations and medical examinations to ensure safety to your household. Shelter or Rescue Animals are usually already spayed or neutered. The small adoption fee does not come close to cover the cost of the medical necessities given to the animals to ensure their heath before an adoption. 

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are donating some of funds for the next animal in need and making room in a shelter somewhere for the millions of stray adoptable animals in the United States. The amount of euthanizing would go down drastically if people would adopt a pet instead of buying them.

Animals give unconditional love! Caring for an animal gives a person a sense of fulfillment. Having a pet companion reduces depression, anxiety, and stress.

Pure Breeds are available at shelters and rescue groups. Many animals are surrendered for situations beyond their control. Working with Rescue Groups can help main stream the process in finding a desired Pure Bred.



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