Vote of No Confidence Against Mary DeLai, Superintendent

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In Wilmington, the Superintendent is solely responsible for personnel decisions.  Superintendent Mary DeLai acted alone to reinstate a teacher back to work after that he was arrested on charges of “domestic assault and battery on an intimate partner, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and wanton destruction of personal property.”

Mr. Altieri was placed on a very brief, paid-administrative leave, and allowed back into our school system to teach.  In a recent statement, Superintendent DeLai communicated that the decision to allow Mr. Altieri back was based on his record with the school as a 13-year veteran.

I remind the community that actions speak louder than words.  By allowing this instructor back into our school, Superintendent DeLai made her opinion clear on how she feels about providing a “safe community” for the students and families of our Wilmington School system. 

No prudent regard was taken for our children who may be the victims of domestic violence themselves. Are we so naïve a community that we can say that there are no families who may be the silent victims of domestic abuse within our town? How do you think these students who live in these abusive situations feel when their last place for a safe haven was the halls of our schools?  We need to reach these children on every level so they can to break their silence.  The Superintendent should be asking herself how she expects to handle the fall out now that her actions show the well-being of our students and community are not put first on her agenda.

Mary DeLai needs to be questioned on what she feels her true duties are as our Superintendent; perhaps even reminded that her duties include moral and ethical decisions as they affect the safety and well being of our students and community.  Perhaps she should also be reminded that the voice of the people is far more audible than her own, and perhaps it is we who should be making these decisions.

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