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My friend Kevin Kaufman (CF 2015 8622) has been in Oklahoma City County Jail for over a year on false claims of child abuse by his ex-wife. He is INNOCENT! He took a lie detector test and PASSED!

If the police detective would have done a proper investigation, he would have found out that: Kevin and his ex-wife had a contentious divorce; Kevin has tried to fight to stay in his children's lives despite the alienation his ex caused between he and his children! They would have seen evaluations that their daughter was NOT afraid of her dad; WANTED a relationship with him; LOVED him and evaluators said that it was the ex that did NOT foster a relationship between them. There WERE NO ABUSE INDICATORS! They would have found out that she filed a false claim before! The ex has been receiving Social Security Disability payments for YEARS for her mental issues. She had 20 years of legal secretarial experience and her naïve friend is a paralegal. I have timeline of events and documents to substantiate everything indicated. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH! My petitions get pulled, while I'm trying to help Kevin, as the ex cries harassment.BUT THIS IS NOT HARASSMENT. THIS IS THE TRUTH. I am neither harassing nor bullying anyone. I am trying to get my friend Kevin released from jail on false charges against him. THESE ARE THE FACTS...NOT ALTERNATIVE FACTS!!!

After disastrous assigned public defender (who quit 5 days before hearing), we scraped together $$ for down payment for criminal atty Kevin picked from research/info sent to him, with guaranteed $$ each month from his retirement & Social Security payments. WELL, instead of trying to get him released, the lawyer decides Kevin didn't have enough $$ for trial and used scare tactics to pressure him to take a plea for SOMETHING HE DIDN'T DO!!!! Kevin said NO and his atty QUIT, taking with him all the money Kevin gave him since March 2016! NOW, Kevin has to START ALL OVER WITH A NEW PUBLIC DEFENDER!!!

WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? There is NO evidence, because nothing happened! Just verbal testimony from a vindictive ex and their manipulated, autistic daughter! The evaluators in the divorce has said, daughter does not know the TRUTH FROM THE NON-TRUTH! Kevin's own atty stated that his daughter's testimony was all over the place! The act of penetration, it was declared in court, DID NOT HAPPEN, so why is he STILL IN JAIL???? His ex was banking on the fact that no one would want to get involved because crimes against children are worse than murder in Oklahoma. If I felt for one moment that he was guilty, I would NOT be there for him.

PLEASE let's all band together and fight this injustice! Please contact me if you want to get involved, can give us tips on how to navigate through these charges or if you want Kevin's address to give him words of support/encouragement!!! Kevin Kaufman needs to be freed from jail. He has been in there long enough! Thank you.

Georgette Hohl




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