Justice for Laurie Radlin

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On August 17,2018

Laurie Radlin was hit from her motorcycle on her way home from work by an unmarked vehicle.. This unmarked vehicle hit her back wheel as she the decided to try pull over to see if there was any damage to her bike another vehicle swung open their left hand passenger door causing her to collide into the door. She then fell from her bike injuring her self next thing she knew she was been grabbed by her throat from an unknown male for him to then slam her into a concrete median which separate the roadway and flung to the ground causing her to be unconscious. This is where lucky somebody started filming catching the male in question throwing her to the floor like she was a peice of meat she was then placed in handcuffs while in an unconscious.The unconscious female was then taken to the police station and charged with .... malicious destruction of property...... assault.... and resisting arrest was never taken to the hospital. She is now mounting in medical bills caused from the incident from persons who should served and protected her....POLICE OFFICERS. At no point did they identify them selves as police officers 

What if this was your loved one? What if they didn't stop when they did and it ended up worse! Thank the Lord she is still here. What if next time they take it further. PLEASE sign to get justice for Laurie and STOP this happening to someone else. I will be sharing the video with this for you to see your self how she was treated takes 2 minutes to just sign.

We just want justice and for this officer to be used as an example to prevent this happening to anyone else.

Thank you for reading.

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