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Justice for Callum Rand

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So here it is I've been waiting to publish this for just over a year now , on the 17th of February 2016 it was the day of my great grandads funeral everyone was all so happy even at this time of sadness , we sent off our grandad how he would like to have been sent off and everything was running fine everyone getting along , family who I haven't seen in ages telling me how I've grown into a fine young man , what I didn't expect is to be woken up at 3 o clock in the morning on the 18th of 2016 being accused of rape, it really did ruin my life I was took to Folkestone police station and was told I wasn't aloud to eat anything drink anything or go to the toilette until I had my DNA swabs taken the took nail clippings , wet and dry hand swabs and wet and dry swabs of my penis , I knew I hadn't done it so I just went along with everything hoping that I would just get released and they would know she was lying , but I was wrong !!
On the 21st of July 2016 it was the day I returned from my first boys holiday to kavos which helped take all the stress out of my head , I went to my dads house and received a call from my sister "mum is in tears she can't speak or breath properly she said be at dads in 10 minutes because she needs to talk to you" , when my mum arrived my sister came in and I went to sit in the car and speak to my mum when I got in the car she just broke down on me she couldn't breath she couldn't talk and this made me upset I kept asking " mum what's wrong" but she was just crying , she started speaking "the police officer rung me today to remind me your bail is in a week " I said I know she then burst into tears again and said " my baby boy I remember the day you was born like it was yesterday , how can they do this to my baby boy that's not him at all " I said " mum what do you mean ?" That's when she said " they are charging you " my whole body just felt like it had been completely drained and my soul ripped from inside me !! " how " "how can they charge me I said I haven't done anything " I then stormed off and went to see my mate Keaton who was always their for me in the hard times ! I explained the story to him and he couldn't believe it either. time passed I went back for bail and got charged with (rape) and (sexual assault) and got given my first court hearing , my life from that point on just never felt the same and everyone in my home town started talking of the situation I had phone calls being called a rapist and a kiddie fiddler for the first part but in the end I just laughed it off because I knew that they didn't know the truth , first court case went fine everything looked in my favour until I had a conference with my barista who told me that my story doesn't match hers and I am looking at going to prison for 15-18 years even though the DNA tests all come back clear !!! I lost all hope in the professionals at the police station thinking they can't even do a job properly I am going to get 18 years of my life taken because of an attention seeking teenage girl ! A few more court cases went on 4 in total that is when I found out it was being taken to trial at Canterbury crown court , this is when things got even more real but not as real as when I turned up to court on the 27th march 2017 for the first day of my trial I was stood behind the glass thinking they was actually going to send me to prison for this ! The girl done her live evidence over video link and all she kept saying in her evidence is "she can't remember " and that "she's not sure what things actually happened ! This is when I saw a bit of light as I looked at the jury and was thinking are they seeing and hearing what I am !! The second day of trial I gave my evidence word for word to what I said in the police station and at every other court case , the prosecutor was going in on me like I had actually done it but again I knew I hadn't so I stayed strong , not just for me but for my family Who was watching, yesterday was meant to be the last day of my trial the jury had to make a verdict on the rape case and on the sexual assault case I waited 3 hours went back into trial and was told they had only made a verdict for the rape charge but not for the sexual assault I could either get given the first verdict or wait until today (30th marc 2017 ) to be given both verdicts , I wanted to get it over with so I took the first verdict for the rape yesterday .... NOT FUCKING GUILTY !!! Yes!!! My whole family shouted we was all so pleased I got not guilty for the rape we went home and celebrated. I returned to court today and my barista said things was looking good I went in to court to get the verdict on the sexual assault I stood in the glass but I was happier this time as I thought the jury had finally seen sense and could see through her lies that's when the usher stood up and asked the jury "have you found a verdict " the jury replied "yes" the jury then said "do you find the defendant Callum rand guilty or not guilty of sexual assault " smiling away I was thinking of the best and then ... GUILTY!!!  that's right they said I was guilty I am now being sent to prison for 2 years for something I haven't even done this has ruined my life forever , many people have heard many different stories in the past year but only I will ever know the truth , if you are a friend who truely knows me for who I am and have supported me from day I see you all !!


Im not sure how this will stand in a court of law but surely enough signatures will open the eyes of the judge !! 


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