Exposing Kids To Meth Brings Probation

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Jesse Smith, last year, exposed 4 children ages 8 months-5 to Meth. He plead guilty to 2 misdemeanor charges of child neglect and was fined $886. He and the mother shared custody of the children so he had them Friday morning to Monday morning. The mother had suspicions of his drug use and tested herself and her childrens’ hair. The mothers came back negative and all of the childrens’ came back positive. The children were taken from his custody and he was court ordered to get his hair tested. When his results came back, he tested higher than the test itself could read. The tests numbers don’t read past 10,000 meanwhile his 8 month old daughter was reaching in the 6,000s. Which means that she either would have had to have eaten it or had it blown directly in her face. When the children were taken to the hospital, the mother was told that the baby could have had permanent brain damage easily from her levels and she went through withdrawals for months after the last incident. Jesse admitted that he had been using meth at his residence for nearly 3 months. A witness told police that she witnessed him smoking meth while his children were in the home. She also said that his house was “somewhat dirty” and the children slept on a mattress on the floor with no sheets. She also said that she had never witnessed him changing a diaper or bathing the kids. At the end of the case, he was put only on 3 years of probation. This petition is just to see if we could give some actual justice for the children.