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Let Bella live! Help us fight to get Bella relocated instead of killed

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Bella is a beautiful smart dog that is going to be put to death within a couple weeks for something that she did not do. She has been held at the animal shelter for over three months and has been torn from her loving caregiver (mother) and had to be started on trazadone because the separation has caused anxiety and sleep issues. Bella's owner answered a knock on the door one day and was confronted by a neighbor with the property manager that told her that a black dog had killed his pet over 3 days prior from when it was ever mentioned to anybody. He said a "Black dog attacked his dog then a "black male" carried the dog into a property that was close to the property that Bella and her owner lived. After Bella's owner Louise confronted the man with the fact that there had not been a black dog at the residence for weeks and that the night in question she was home not feeling well with Bella the man proceeded to say well it could have been a white and brown dog (Bella) with a white female. And then admitted he was not sure at all. Even though he changed his story several times in front of witnesses and didn't report anything to anyone for 3 days that did not stop animal control from coming and taking Bella from her home and taking her owner to court. Louise (Bella's owner) retained a lawyer for court and was told that everything would be ok but then the judge said Bella must be put down. It is important that everyone understand that this is a false claim and that there is proof that the neighbor is lying but in order to take it to trial Louise must pay $4,000. Bella is good dog an innocent dog and her owner had her spaded and microchipped as soon as she got her. There are plenty of pictures of Bella sleeping with cats, other dogs and children. She is not an aggressive dog. The only time in seven years she has ever been in trouble she scratched another dog that did not have serious injury's just a mild scratch. Please sign this petition to help us give an innocent dog a chance at life. Please help us to have her relocated to the country with a loving family that she already knows. She will be in a different county and on a farm to run and live. Any orders that must be followed will. We must stop innocent dogs from being labeled and killed especially when based mostly on breed. Let's ask Judge Hawkins to allow Bella to be relocated. Lets save her innocent life. There will be a hearing on May 9th, 2017 before she is put down for her owner Louise Knisley but Bella need's your help. Thank you.

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