Hollywood stars: Go implement your "Celebrity Love Jihad" to protect America from ISIS!!!

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Hollywood stars: Go implement your "Celebrity Love Jihad" to protect America from ISIS!!!

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Started by SaveTheWest

On April 13, 2017 the U.S. military dropped its 21,600 lb. "Mother Of All Bombs" on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan.  Learn why this weapon was selected, details about the target, what was accomplished, and the fact that the Afghan government and tribal leaders applauded the strike, here.

Movie director Josh Fox, however, expressed outrage on Twitter in reaction to this strike, describing it as "Atrocity. Murder. Abomination," and claimed that "only #love stops hate, and bombings only create more #ISIS #moab #stoptrump."

Then, actress Alyssa Milano chimed in, claiming that "peace through compassion" would be a preferable alternative to "war and terrorism" which she claimed was only fueled by the US dropping the MOAB.

And for years, actor Richard Gere has publicly claimed that "the medicine of love and compassion" is the best way to deal with Islamist terrorism.

It's easy for these wealthy celebrities to express such views while in their gated mansions, and behind their personal security details.

But would they be willing to personally go to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, to lecture top ISIS and Al Qaeda leaders on their theory of love and compassion, to persuade them to stop their terrorism, murder and rape slavery?  And ideally, to give up their underlying motivation: to murder, forcibly convert or enslave all Christians, Jews, Yazidis and other non-Muslims, until the entire world is ruled by fundamentalist Islam?

If you think it's time for these influential celebrities to begin lecturing America's enemies, instead of us, then sign this petition, sponsored by SaveTheWest.com, asking them -- and other Hollywood icons who share their views -- to go personally implement their "Celebrity Love Jihad"!!!

Learn more about about our campaign on this detailed page at SaveTheWest.com.  And #GodBlessTheUSMilitary.

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This petition had 566 supporters

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