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St. Joseph's Anglo Indian Girls Higher Secondary School - THE REAL TRUTH

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My daughter currently attends St. Joseph's Anglo Indian Girls Higher Secondary School, she is too young to be able to articulate what is required for her bright future. So on her behalf and for the students in this school I am writing this open letter.

Dear Reader

Role of Christian missionaries in transforming the education system in our country and especially in Kerala is monumental. As far as Kozhikode is concerned St. Joseph's Anglo Indian Girls Higher Secondary School is a centre of excellence which was set up 157 years ago with the sole objective of empowering the girl child. Many generations have passed out from this institution, with pride they call themselves Josephites. Their success and achievements is the story behind the glory and success of this school.

157 years ago the infrastructure of the school which consisted of the single main building was a marvel for the times. Classrooms were so huge and were made to accommodate 30 students. 30 was a big number for the time because education for girls was not as popular at the time. Maybe the founders had a vision for a 100 years! At the time idea of education especially for girls would have been very different. Graduation and post graduation, though a rarity were exceptional accomplishments and it meant true empowerment.

Today graduation and post graduation are minimum requirements not accomplishments. Overall development which aids character building and modern education aided with latest technology are inevitable to ensure Josephites continue to have an edge.

My daughter has to sit in a classroom which was built 156 years ago designed for the needs of the last century. Today classrooms accommodates more than double the capacity it was planned for. The whole school shares 2 smart classrooms. School corridors are so beautiful that it would evoke nostalgia in any ex student. Few makeshift tables and chairs in the corridors today my seem aesthetically unappealing. It was not the idea of a bad interior designer, lack of space for a staff room has forced the teachers to occupy the corridors.

Computer labs, music rooms, library, labs, restrooms, space required for co curricular activities are not luxuries. These are essentials without which real empowerment is not possible today. Close to 1500 students are accommodated in an 157 years old building which was built to accommodate a maximum of 300 students.

Difficulty in securing fitness certificates every year directly points to the questionability of the structural integrity of the building. Accommodating our kids in a building like this without considering the risk of an impending tragedy is a serious situation in itself.

Other private schools in Calicut have infrastructure and facilities that far exceed what we currently have. Still academically and otherwise our students continue to achieve results at par with them. This is a school which continues to attracts talent and has immense potential. Providing our students the facilities and infrastructure to help them achieve their true potential is a duty cast upon each one of us.

Situated in the heart of Calicut, unfortunately our school does not have space to have additional buildings. To ensure that our school continues to be the best school and for it to remain relevant and for the future students to be able to follow in the footsteps of our alumni in pursuit of excellence this is a fight that you have to personally take up.

I have come across old students who feel strongly about the old building, but after visiting the school and seeing the current condition of the old building, without a second thought they support the need for a new building. It is the duty of every Josephite who has walked the corridors of this school to help support this school.

Experts who are associated with NITs, REC and exceptionally qualified professionals find common ground in agreeing that the old building has run its course.

Vested interests taking advantage of the nostalgic vulnerability of our ex-students to scuttle the infrastructure development plans by spreading disinformation is discernible. Educated people, especially those who have passed out from this school should take the initiative to visit the school and look at the reports provided by experts and understand the reality of the current situation of the school.

We request you to reach out to us and help us with your ideas to make this school a centre of excellence. Please bear in mind that this school has existed throughout the ages because people like you have supported it and helped it to remain relevant. Spreading the word and helping fight the disinformation that is being spread is the least that you could do.


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