Shut down Bohol Python and Wildlife Park

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Dear Josephine R. Cabarrus,

Whilst in Bohol in the Philippines me and my friends went on a ‘countryside’ tour which included chocolate hills, loboc river etc. On the tour there is a stop called the ‘Bohol python and wildlife park’ which is also connected to the butterfly park.
The entrance fee is 45 Philippine pesos, me and my friends were wary to go inside as we did not know what to expect. Once inside it was absolutely horrifying to see what they had locked up in cages. There were various species of birds, a civet cat, different species of snakes, the massive python which you could pay to get a picture with and then also two monkeys, a macaque monkey and what I think was a black crested macaque. They were both locked up in cages separately, both of them looked very bored and generally unwell, one of the monkeys was sticking its hand out of the cage hole to get food off a visitor. It was disgusting to see these creatures locked up in small cages for no apparent reason other than to entertain us humans. The python was also in a cage which stated that it had been captured and brought here and people were laying around 150 pesos to go inside the cage to have a photo taken.
This place needs to be taken off this Bohol countryside tour and shut down as it adds nothing but cruelty to the tour and these poor animals have to suffer for our amusement. These animals need to be rehomed into proper sanctuaries where they can live a more normal life.

Your tourism page promotes eco tourism and the benefits of this which is why I’m urging your office to do something about this place.

To anyone wishing to see pictures of this awful place I have linked tripadvisor as many people have written bad reviews and taken pictures: