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Killing the ICT Practitioner bill

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The Kenya ICT Practitioners bill is once again back - with its ability to stifle innovation, damage the ICT industry in Kenya, and make the country a far less welcoming place for those in the industry to participate.  The bill does this by forcing the licensing of every individual deemed to be an "ICT practitioner" while defining such in manners broad enough to cover 80% of the human population.  It does this without proper public consultation.  It does this without research backing its efficacy.  It insults the intelligence of Kenyan companies by dictating who they may hire and for what reasons.  In every sense of the word - this bill is a cancer to the industry, and twice it has been tried before, and twice it has died.  This petition implores the ministry of ICT to take a stand and say no - for the good of the industry that they are meant to represent.  As such, we implore the ministry to #KillTheIctBill once and for all, let it be relegated to the pages of history as yet another bad idea, where people saw the light and chose the country, the economy, the people, and the industry over their own profiteering goals 

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