Petition against Verizon tower at Clarke Farms pool

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Verizon is proposing a cell phone tower to be installed next to the Clarke Farms pool. This tower will be 100+ feet tall, right next to the pool, in the playground, across the street from Cherokee Trail Elementary, and the heart of our community. Many of us are concerned about the potential health risks that have not been fully vetted, as well as significant decrease in property values.

Our board of directors declined Verizons request because significant community concerns in July 2017. However, Verizon is hoping to overturn the boards decision by garnering any support within our community.

At this point, the information Verizon is providing on their Town of Parker website is using incorrect information about emergency services  AS ADMITTED BY the Verizon representative, Maureen Lopez, of this project. No only do we need people to show up at the upcoming meeting on April 11 from 6-8PM at the PACE Center, we also hope to get confirmation from community members that this is an inappropriate location for their tower and insure that this matter is closed.

Please show your support by signing this petition and if at all possible stopping by the meeting and demonstrating our opposition for the benefit of our community.

If you’d like more information on this matter, please email Christina Clements at or Anna Amoroso at