Boycott Eurovision 2019

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In the light of continuing human rights violations by Israel on the Palestinian people it is intolerable that this state is permitted to take part, let alone host a glamour competition such as Eurovision, especially in the shadow of the recent killings, by Israel, of unarmed Palestinian protestors during the peaceful protest The Great March of Return in which, so far, over 100 Palestinians have been killed and over 12,000 injured, many very seriously indeed, sustaining permanent injuries such as amputations and blindness by the use of live ammunition, including dum dum bullets which expand on entry, targeted at these unarmed protestors.  The protestors have every right to protest - the Geneva Convention states this explicitly for those living under military occupation. 

Gaza has been declared unliveable by 2020; other say it is already unliveable now with the 2 million residents, 50% of whom are minors - who are not allowed to leave - living under the most appalling conditions with 95% of their drinking water undrinkable, unemployment at about 50%, electricity on for only a few hours a day, the 11-year blockade perpetrated by Israel disallowing essential supplies into the area, including construction materials (so much of Gaza is still rubble following the numerous bombardments by Israel) and untreated sewage polluting the sea.  Israel calculated the number of calories required for the people of Gaza to survive and the amount of food allowed in is permitted on that basis.

The Palestinian people of the West Bank suffer also, being dispossessed of their land which is confiscated to build illegal settlements (in contravention of the 4th Geneva Convention), their homes taken over by illegal settlers who, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, throw their furniture into the streets, then the residents themselves are left on the streets, homeless (eg in Hebron and East Jerusalem).  Palestinians' movement is curtailed by Israeli checkpoints within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (so no threat to the security of Israel), numerous individuals are detained without trial, and prisoners are tortured, including children (Israel has fulfilled only one recommendation made about Child Detention by Israel by a UK delegation of lawyers in 2012 - just ONE in six years) and general day to day violence and vandalism against Palestinians and their properties is carried out and usually goes unpunished.

And then there's the Palestinian citizens of Israel, for example the Bedouin in the Negev, whose villages are demolished to make way for Jewish-only villages, the residents forcibly resettled elsewhere.

Don't allow Israel to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 which would help it to present itself as a normal democratic state while it perpetrates this tyranny.  Please sign and share.